Re: [AMBER] FixCondaShebang persists

From: German P. Barletta <>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2021 21:54:15 +0200

Definitely working on a clean folder with the latest AmberTools. Though I
did find this:

The file it's amber20_src/build/cmake_install.cmake and it's created by the
*run_cmake* script. If I backup that file:

mv cmake_install.cmake backup_cmake_install.cmake

and run the *run_cmake* script again (so the *build* folder is not clean),
I get a new cmake_install.cmake, different from the previous one in those
exact 116-118 lines:

  execute_process(COMMAND /usr/bin/cmake -E create_symlink

If I start all over again, moving AmberTools21.tar.bz2 to a new clean
folder, and running the *run_cmake* script inside the *build* folder, then
I get the same old cmake_install.cmake script, with the same 116-118 lines,
creating that symlink.

Could it be, then, that you're not starting from a fresh folder? :P

Here're the cmake scripts. I'm pasting them in plain text since I don't
know if this list supports gmails link embedding:

old backed up cmake_install.cmake:
new cmake_install.cmake:
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