Re: [AMBER] installing Amber 18 issues

From: Joanna Michelle E. Chua <>
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2019 02:50:24 +0000

Hi Billy,

I also just finished installing and configuring Amber 18. You have to check if you are using an OS compatible with either bash or tcsh/csh. You can only use one of them. For me since I use Ubuntu/Debian OS which the default shell is bash, I used the export command. Some Linux distributions like Red Hat or macOS which default shell is csh, then that's the only time you use the setenv.

Hope this helps.



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From: Billiot, Eugene <>
Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2019 7:46:00 AM
To: AMBER Mailing List <>
Subject: [AMBER] installing Amber 18 issues

Hello, I emailed a couple questions about installing Amber 18 and issues I am having. Anyway, I decided to delete Amber 18 and start all over. Currently, I am at the step below and when I try to run the second line "source /home/myname/amber18/amber.csh # for csh, tcsh" I get the error below the sourceable script info "bash: setenv: command not found..." Is this an issue and if it is how do I resolve it and if it is not an issue should I simply continue with the installation.

These sourceable scripts will set up your shell environment correctly for Amber:
source /home/myname/amber18/ # for bash, zsh, ksh, etc.
source /home/myname/amber18/amber.csh # for csh, tcsh

[AmberPc.localhost amber18]$ source /home/clewis/amber18/amber.csh
bash: setenv: command not found...
bash: setenv: command not found...

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