Re: [AMBER] Problems installing Amber 18

From: Billiot, Eugene <>
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2019 21:58:14 +0000

Oops, when I received a copy of the email I sent the "error" was not highlighted. The error is on the last line which is "bash: setenv: command not found..."

From: Billiot, Eugene <>
Sent: Tuesday, December 17, 2019 3:54 PM
To: AMBER Mailing List <>
Subject: [AMBER] Problems installing Amber 18

Hello Folks,
I am installing Amber 18, the instructions state that after extracting the Amber 18 and AmberTools 19 to set AMBERHOME environment by following the instructions below. When use the "export" commad no error appears so I assume all is well. However, everytime I try to use the setenv command I get the error highlighted in yellow below. Do I need to do the "export" and "setenv" commands or just one of the two.

1. First, extract the files in some location (we use /home/myname as an example here):

cd /home/myname

tar xvfj AmberTools19.tar.bz2 # (Note: extracts in an

# “amber18” directory)

tar xvfj Amber18.tar.bz2 # (only if you have licensed Amber 18!)

2. Next, set your AMBERHOME environment variable:

export AMBERHOME=/home/myname/amber18 # (for bash, zsh, ksh, etc.)

setenv AMBERHOME /home/myname/amber18 # (for csh, tcsh)

[AmberPc.localhost AmberTools]$ setenv AMBERHOME /home/clewis/amber18
bash: setenv: command not found...

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