no. of processors decrease

From: Hungie Hungie <>
Date: Thu 22 Nov 2001 20:25:10 +0700

Dear Amber users,

I compiled amber6 with machine file "MACHINE.g77_mpich" on Linux SuSE 7.0,
cluster 12 nodes, and I used mpich- I have run 2 ns MD of 20 mers
using 2 processors and there is on any problem. Now I am running 40 mers
with 1 ns using 6 processors and I found that after 150000 steps (150 ps)
the number of processors decrease from 6 to 1 and finally there is no

Could anyone give me suggestion? Thank you very much in advance.


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Received on Thu Nov 22 2001 - 05:25:10 PST
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