Re: Athlon 1GHz (was: Dual Origin vs dual Alfa)

From: R. M. Fesinmeyer <>
Date: Wed 14 Feb 2001 11:02:11 -0800

The benchmarks from Nathalie Godbout show an SGI P3 500 completing the
4096WAT benchmark in 223.14s and an SGI P3 700 taking 166.22. Do these
numbers more or less match those obtained from "stock" (non-SGI) P3 systems?
If so, and if I also assume a linear decrease in computation time with MHz
rating, a P3 1000 should complete the 4096WAT benchmark in something like 81
seconds. This is interesting since Tru Huynh just reported an Athlon 1 GHz
completing this benchmark in 105-136 seconds (PGI vs. GNU compiler). Given
what I've heard about the speed of athlons on this mailing list, these
statistics don't seem to add up.

So is the SGI system just that-much faster than stock systems, or do they
ship with a better optimized compiler? Does anyone have any benchmarks that
would clarify this? (Perhaps a P3 700 and a P3 1000 on a stock system?)

Robert Fesinmeyer
Received on Wed Feb 14 2001 - 11:02:11 PST
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