Re: Athlon 1GHz (was: Dual Origin vs dual Alfa)

From: Nathalie Godbout <>
Date: Wed 14 Feb 2001 12:00:25 -0800

"R. M. Fesinmeyer" wrote:
> The benchmarks from Nathalie Godbout show an SGI P3 500 completing the
> 4096WAT benchmark in 223.14s and an SGI P3 700 taking 166.22. Do these
> numbers more or less match those obtained from "stock" (non-SGI) P3 systems?
> If so, and if I also assume a linear decrease in computation time with MHz
> rating, a P3 1000 should complete the 4096WAT benchmark in something like 81
> seconds. This is interesting since Tru Huynh just reported an Athlon 1 GHz
> completing this benchmark in 105-136 seconds (PGI vs. GNU compiler). Given
> what I've heard about the speed of athlons on this mailing list, these
> statistics don't seem to add up.
> So is the SGI system just that-much faster than stock systems, or do they
> ship with a better optimized compiler? Does anyone have any benchmarks that
> would clarify this? (Perhaps a P3 700 and a P3 1000 on a stock system?)
> Thanks,
> Robert Fesinmeyer

Hi Robert,

I think that a better estimate for a 1000MHz P3 system single-cpu time
for 4096wat would be 111-116 seconds (this is calculated using clock
speed ratios). sgi does not ship these systems with any compilers. I
used PGI compilers.


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