Re: [AMBER] Functional error

From: Archana <>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2021 05:31:40 +0000

Sorry sir,
My query was that, after getting 'amber installation complete' message, I have started to run the tutorials provided on the amber home page for practice purpose. When giving xleap command it show's the message 'xleap command not found'. To remove this, first I have tried to install xleap in my ubantu but at the last step I found the error message 'Function 'rism1d_closure_get 3drismbackground' at (1) has no Implicit type;'. Now I am not understanding the error. Please sir help me to removing this type of error.

On 15-Nov-2021 6:09 pm, David A Case <> wrote:
On Mon, Nov 15, 2021, Archana wrote:

>Sir, what is the meaning and how to remove, Function 'rism1d_closure_get
>3drismbackground' at (1) has no Implicit type; of error message while
>running tutorial-T0.

We need a more explicit description of the problem. What, exactly, do you
mean by "tutorial-T0"? What part of the tutorial were you running? The
message looks like it comes from a compilation step (but I could be wrong


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