[AMBER] Can I used AMBER 16 CPPTRAJ to perform dynamic cross correlation map?

From: priya murugan <priyamurugan943.gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2021 11:35:21 +0800

Hi researchers,

I'm currently using AMBER16 CPPTRAJ for my MD simulation and trajectory
analysis. I found out that dynamic cross-correlation (DCC) analysis is a
quite useful and interesting analysis that can be used to analyse the
protein and the interaction between residues. I've read a paper that uses
this analysis approach but in using GROMACS software. Hence why I need to
know whether can I perform this DCC analysis using AMBER16 CPPTRAJ. What do
you think? Anyone has performed DCC analysis in AMBER 16 before? Kindly
please offer me your help and suggestion.

Your small help will make a huge difference in my research progress.

Thanks & Regards

Thanks & Regards
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