[AMBER] Prepare pbd file modified cyclodextrin

From: Игорь Злотников <izlotnikov2003.yandex.ru>
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 2021 11:52:45 +0300

   Good afternoon, Dear colleagues!
   I have some questions about preparing pdb files for Amber. I need to get
   cyclodextrin.pdb in amber format, so i named residues in ring 4GA. Then i
   modified CD with mannose --> residue became UGA, and mannose named 0MA. But
   now i want make CD-mannose using spacer  between CD and mannose
   (etilenglicol or acetamide). Problem: how named this atoms (spacer) or how i
   may convert pdb structure from pymol (or othet not Amber format) to amber
   Thank you!
   Best wishes,
   Zlotnikov Igor
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