Re: [AMBER] Generating topology using tleap

From: Gustaf Olsson <>
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2020 06:55:12 +0000

I would suspect that generating prep and frcmod files through antechamber with GAFF atom names, you should be able to source the antechamber files, GAFF and lipid14 into leap and they should be applied correctly

Best regards
// Gustaf

> On 2 Sep 2020, at 01:52, Lucas Bandeira <> wrote:
> Dear Amber community,
> I am using the RESP method for deriving charges for aromatic and
> hydrocarbon molecules. I have a question when generating the topology
> through tleap: I would like to use GAFF for the aromatic compound and
> lipid14 for the hydrocarbons, but how could I do this? The atom types for
> lipid14 and for gaff are different. When generating the .mol2 file using
> antechamber, any of the possible force fields that are shown for the option
> *-at* have the same atom type of lipid14. Should I modify the atoms types
> by myself?
> Faithfully yours,
> Lucas Bandeira
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