Re: [AMBER] Problems with Make install Amber 18

From: Joanna Michelle E. Chua <>
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2020 12:03:03 +0000

Hi David,

Oh thank you for this alternative. But will config.h change the cc source directory if you recompile under the Amber environment?


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From: David A Case <>
Sent: Friday, June 26, 2020 7:57:38 PM
To: AMBER Mailing List <>
Subject: Re: [AMBER] Problems with Make install Amber 18

On Fri, Jun 26, 2020, Joanna Michelle E. Chua wrote:
>I installed Anaconda
>separately because I have another program that requires conda outside of
>Amber 18). So I needed to delete both Amber 18 and Anaconda 3 including
>all programs ....

You are right that having both miniconda and anaconda can cause
problems, but you don't need to remove anaconda (or the programs that
depend on it.) Just create a new conda environment for Amber. From the
"download Amber" tab at

Those with an existing conda installation may wish to create a new conda
"environment" to avoid conflicts with what you already have installed. To
do this:

   conda create --name Amber18
   conda activate Amber18

(Note that you would need to perform the "conda activate" step every time
you wish use Amber in a new terminal; it might be appropriate to
add this to your start-up script. Creating a new environment should not be
necessary if you only use conda for AmberTools.)

...good luck...dac

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