Re: [AMBER] contents of AMBER Digest, Vol 3040, Issue 1, message 1

From: David A Case <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2020 09:51:46 -0400

On Mon, Jun 22, 2020, gaohanlu wrote:

>I installed Xcode 11 to compile Amber. Maybe I should install an older
>vision of Xcode?

>> I tried to install amber18 on macOS 10.15. I have installed Xcode11 and
>> command lines tools.
>> When I compiled amber18 with macOS clang using the command line:
>> ./configure -noX11 -macAccelerate clang
>> I got the following error. Can somebody please help me?
>> ld: library not found for -lmc

Did you try the fix here?

It might be worth your while to download AmberTools20 and see if you get
the same problem. We haven't had reports about this problem for a long
time, and surely there must be OSX users who also haven't followed the
advice in the above link.

Going back to an older version of Xcode seems really wrong, but you
might make sure that you have version 11.2 installed: that would
correspond to what most Amber developers have.

My Mac's don't have a /usr/include folder, and I don't see this problem,
so I can't provide much help. Also, I don't have any reference to
"-lmc" in my $AMBERHOME/config.h (for Amber18); is this flag present in
your version? (Maybe you should post your config.h file, especially if
you do see a reference to "-lmc"; also, are you using AmbrerTools19 with
all the updates?)

Maybe others on the list understand more about what is going on.


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