Re: [AMBER] pH-REMD error

From: Cruzeiro,Vinicius Wilian D <>
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 2020 18:17:13 +0000


pH-REMD must be run with an even number of replicas, so you will do either add or remove one pH value. Also, pmemd.MPI needs at least two CPUs per replica, thus the values on the -n flag needs to be at least 2 times the value of your -ng flag.

If you still have problems after fixing that, try to run the pmemd.MPI command directly and see what error you get.

I hope this helps,

Vinícius Wilian D Cruzeiro

PhD Candidate
Department of Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Division
University of Florida, United States

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On Jun 21, 2020, at 9:37 AM, Kolattukudy P. Santo <> wrote:

srun --kill-on-bad-exit -n 5 --mpi=pmi2
-ng 5 -groupfile groupfile.temporary
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