[AMBER] Amber16 (with AmberToos16) install problems.

From: Seibold, Steve Allan <stevesei.ku.edu>
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2018 15:55:07 +0000

I attempted to run ./configure gnu and got the following error:

Error: The X11 libraries are not in the usual location !
       To search for them try the command: locate libXt
       On new Fedora OS's install the libXt-devel libXext-devel
       libX11-devel libICE-devel libSM-devel packages.
       On old Fedora OS's install the xorg-x11-devel package.
       On RedHat OS's install the XFree86-devel package.
       On Ubuntu OS's install the xorg-dev and xserver-xorg packages.

          ...more info for various linuxes at ambermd.org/ubuntu.html

       To build Amber without XLEaP, re-run configure with '-noX11:
            ./configure -noX11 gnu
Configure failed due to the errors above!


To fix this I found my lib64 and copied the whole thing into /usr/lib and then reran ./configure, but I got the above same error before the copying...So, I am not sure what to do now...Should I install xorg-dev as stated in Error output...?

I am using Ubuntu 16.04....

Thanks Steve..

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