Re: [AMBER] hexagonal unit cell for membrane simulation with NAMD

From: Thomas Evangelidis <>
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2013 19:31:20 +0200

Hi Pawel,

Thank you for the clarifications.

4. To check if your system is set up correctly one thing you can do is
convert your inpcrd file to a pdb (use ambpdb) and add a CRYST1 pdb format
record. Then in vmd you can use the periodic tab in the
Graphics->Representations window to generate periodic boundy copies of your
system: if all space is neatly tasselated, you are good.

I did that and I got exactly the same tessellation with the two images I
showed before equilibration (with gaps between boxes). This is the line I
added to the .pdb:

CRYST1 106.000 106.000 86.000 90.00 90.00 120.00 P 21 21 21 8

> 6.About your images: is that the same system? Why are there empty spaces
> there between hexagonal shaped boxes? Again, the unit cell should look like
> a triclinic cell and it is only the tasselation in space of those unit
> cells that will create a hexagonal "look". (see attached images)

Is it because I start from a hexagonal prism box generated by CHARMM-GUI?
How did you generate the triclinic box you showed? It looks like a hexagon
before wrapping (or "imaging" in AMBER language) water coordinates to the
central cell.


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