Re: [AMBER] error 126 when install AmberTool1.4

From: case <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 08:18:34 -0400

On Mon, Jul 12, 2010, Yan Gao wrote:
> I am trying to install amberTools 1.4 in cygwin 1.7, and had below error:

> Also I found both *yacc* and *yacc.exe* in the bin folder.

This is quite odd. Please run "ls -l" and "file" on the "yacc" and "yacc.exe"
files. I'm not sure where "yacc" would have come from, but (as far as I can
see) it should not be there.

> I tried to link the yacc.exe to yacc with:
> *ln -s yacc.exe yacc*
> and it showed:
> ln: creating symbolic link `yacc': File exists (it showed even I delete the
> existing yacc file ...)

More weirdness, which may be hard to debug remotely, unless someone sees some
clue here. You need to find out what sort of file "yacc" is, and when it is
being created.

[Note that we try to support cygwin, but very few of the developers
actually use Windows as a computing platform.]


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