[AMBER] xleap error

From: Steve Seibold <seibold.chemistry.msu.edu>
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2010 11:38:31 -0400

I have compiled a serial version of AmberTools1.4 and run the test without errors. However, I get a "No such file or directory" in my path when I try to use xleap. So, I went to amber11/bin/ and found indeed to my surprise there is NO xleap...There is tleap and sleap. My tleap and sleap work successfully.

I found online that I need X11/xorg development libraries for xleap (http://archive.ambermd.org/200605/0223.html). I did find a directory /etc/X11 on my machine that has a "xorg.conf" script.
Maybe this "xorg.conf" is not getting picked up by compiler??? Or is this really nothing to do with my problem?

Thanks, Steve
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