Re: AMBER: xLEAP Problem

From: Donald Thomas <>
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 10:37:23 +0800


    On some installations of xLEAP in Linux you need to make sure that
the NUM lock and probably the CAPS lock button are not active. I'm not
entirely clear why but it works for me. It has been mentioned once or
twice on the list but is very hard to find in the email archive.

Hope this helps,


Stephen P. Molnar, Ph.D. wrote:

>I have just compiled amber v7 with the intel fortran compiler in SuSE v8.1
>Linux. No problems or errors were reported.
>The tests were run without problems. However, when I attempt to use the gui
>for LEAP I enconter a problem. The gui opens without any problems. All of
>the pull down menus are functional, i.e., they open when I click on them, but
>none of the menu selections work.
>There appears to be no clue as to what is going on. Any help will be
>Thanks in advance.

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