Need help recompiling

From: Peter Anderson <>
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 07:23:11 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Amber Users,

I have modified the file /src/sander/locmem.f of AMBER
7 in order to correct a "Non bond list overflow"
problem. Specifically, I changed the denominator in
line 479 of locmem.f to 2.5 from its original value of

My problem is that I cannot recompile the modified
source code. I'm using Redhat Linux 7.3 / AMD
processors and have used the commands $ f77 locmem.f
and $ g77 locmem.f. Each time, I received a long list
of error messages stating, for instance, "Invalid
declaration of or reference to symbol `cutoffnb' at
(^) [initially seen at (^)]
             maxpr_float = natom * (cutoffnb +
skinnb)**3 / 2.5d0" Each error message started out
with "Invalid declaration of or reference to symbol

Does anyone know what may be causing these error
messages, and how I can recompile the locmem.f file?

Thanks for your help,
Peter Anderson

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Received on Mon Jun 02 2003 - 15:53:01 PDT
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