[AMBER] Amber22/AmberTools23 install issues with pmemd.cuda

From: Ravi Abrol via AMBER <amber.ambermd.org>
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2023 15:54:45 -0700

Hi All,

The serial version build and testing went ok except for the 3.11 default
python version not working in miniconda and explicitly choosing 3.10 fixed

I am trying to build the pmemd.cuda version now and running into even more

I first disabled pbsa in run_cmake as recommended in another thread as it
was throwing some errors.
Now, the make install seemingly goes smoothly and exits without an error.
However, there is no pmemd.cuda version installed in the amber22/bin folder.

I can share the long output if needed. I am hoping that someone has seen
this symptom before.

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Received on Fri Nov 03 2023 - 16:00:02 PDT
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