[AMBER] External electric field in Amber

From: Ignacio J. General via AMBER <amber.ambermd.org>
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2023 12:48:49 -0300

Dear Amber users, I am studying the possibility of doing some kind of
electrophysiological measurements in an ion channel (protein in membrane,
explicit water and ions), using Amber, and I have been doing some initial
tests, just turning on the "efz" switch to turn on an electric field, but I
am not totally understanding the results. In particular, I find that the
membrane gets highly deformed after about 200 ns (with an E field of about
0.5V/50A, which I believe is a reasonable value). Also, I don't quite catch
the meaning of the "ELECTRIC_FIELD" energy in the out file, as it varies
much more than I would expect.

I couldn't find any documents or papers with people using the E field with
Amber, so I was wondering if someone has used it, and if anyone knows how
sure we are that it works fine. I just found a couple messages in the
reflector from where I concluded that the facility was not thoroughly
tested (but this was several years ago).

Any info on this would be really helpful. Thanks so much!

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