[AMBER] Problem loading crd file in vmd

From: ankita mehta <mehtaroadies.gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2021 17:28:26 +0530

I am trying to load the trajectory files .mdcrd files in vmd on windows.
My simulations were run on Amber.
But everytime i load the files , the following error message is displayed
on the vmd windows.
It says " problem reading the crd file".
I followed following steps:
1. select "new molecule "
2. Load "parm file " and select file type as "Amber parm 7".
3. Then load the trajectory file as "mdcrd" file and select file type as "
Amber coordinates' '.
4. error message displays on the VMD windows "Problem reading CRD file".

P.S. - -I have a windows operating system.

Any help is appreciated !

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Received on Fri Dec 03 2021 - 04:00:02 PST
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