Re: [AMBER] Installation Ambertools21 Mac M1 (arm64)

From: Florian Nachon <>
Date: Sun, 2 May 2021 13:38:41 +0200

> On 2 May 2021, at 09:04, Yoshitaka Moriwaki <> wrote:
> Dear Florian and David,
> I may know the solution. I also encountered the same error yesterday but solved it by myself.
> I guess you have already installed boost by using Homebrew. However, the latest boost might cause the error on the compilation of moft and metatwist.
> The workaround is to unlink boost temporarily before the installation of AmberTools21 (`brew unlink boost`), then retry cmake. After installation of AmberTools21, I relinked boost.

Hello Yoshitaka,

Thanks for the tip!

Yes linking to boost seems to be the issue here...

Anyway, I could complete the installation with -DDISABLE_TOOLS="moft" as suggested by David and both Appleclang 12.0.5 and GCC 10.2.1 work.

Also, is installed by cmake as there is no at the moment, although is available (

Since I have already a working arm64 python environment on my system, I guess that I could simply disable the installation of Miniconda (and python packages checks) and the python packages would built just fine.


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