Re: [AMBER] Antechamber permissions issue

From: David A Case <>
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2020 07:57:29 -0500

On Thu, Nov 26, 2020, Sam Walsworth (Researcher) wrote:
>home/username/amber20_src/bin/to_be_dispatched/antechamber: Fatal error!
>Cannot open file (ANTECHAMBER_BOND_TYPE.AC0) with mode (w)
>Permission denied.
>I appreciate this is a permissions/read only issue but I'm not sure how
>to resolve this. I can't seem to find the ANTECHAMBER_BOND_TYPE.AC0 file
>in question either.

It looks like you don't have write permission in the directory you are
running in. The reason that you can't find the
ANTECHAMBER_BOND_TYPE.AC0 file is that antechamber was never able to
create it.

To see if you have write permissions, you can type "touch abc" and see
if an empty file named abc is created. Doing an internet search on
"setting file permissions linux" may help. (Apologies if I am telling
you something you already know.)


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