[AMBER] FEW: Linear interaction energy calculations.

From: M RCC <mkr3j2c1.gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 2020 17:25:46 +0530

Dear Amber users,
I've tried to reproduce the data given in LIE workflow in FEW.
I am able to generate upto trajectories and inputs for LIE.
After completion of the LIE calculation I am getting only zeros.
What mistake am I making in the calculation?.


*Energy contributions: Mean energy Standard
deviation Standard errorComplex non-bonded VDW: 0.000000
   0.000000 0.000000Complex non-bonded ELE: 0.000000
     0.000000 0.000000Ligand non-bonded VDW: 0.000000
       0.000000 0.000000Ligand non-bonded ELE: 0.000000
LIE results:Differences in interaction energies and SASA:Delta
electrostatic energy (dE-ele): 0.000000 kcal/molDelta van der Waals
energy (dE-vdW): 0.000000
binding free energy:ATTENTION: Please note that the estimate of the binding
free energy (dG-bind) provided below was calculated according to
the equation dG-bind = alpha * dE-vdW + beta * dE-ele
 with fixed coefficients of alpha=0.16 and beta=0.5. We strongly
recommend to thoroughly investigate whether using other
 coefficients could be beneficial in the specific case.Binding energy
estimate (dG-bind): 0.000000 kcal/mol(END)*
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