[AMBER] Error searching for compatible GPU

From: Camila Clemente <camilamaraclemente.gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2020 22:01:37 -0300


I'm trying to run pmemd.cuda on a cluster that it owns:

### gpu (Tesla K20X): 1-2
### gpu (Tesla M2090): 1-3

By running this:

$AMBERHOME/bin/pmemd.cuda -O -i eq.mdin -p r_500.wet.complex.prmtop -c
r_500_term.rst7 -r r_500_eq.rst7 -o r_500_eq.mdout -x r_500_eq.nc

And the error I get is this:
Error searching for compatible GPU.

It's the first time I've run with pmemd and I don't know if the mistake is
that I don't export any CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICE

Could someone help me?

Thank you

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