Re: [AMBER] Regarding the backup of amber nc files

From: Bill Ross <>
Date: Sun, 2 Aug 2020 23:19:03 -0700

This is a generic data-archiving question.

I'm just reexamined the backup issue for saving a few TB a year or so,
as a former designer and implementer of massive automated backup systems
at NASA.

I liked the look of LTO-x Ultrium tapes, but in the end I couldn't find
a drive plus cheap adapter card I could add to my motherboard and be
sure of working, and no evidence of others using the drives on linux
consumer-level motherboards, so I settled on writing to a pair of 3.5" 4
TB 5400 rpm drives, same data to each in case one fails, and these I
wrap in insulation and store in a waterproof metal ammunition container
to protect from EMP (sun flare or nuke). Tape would weigh less than 3.5"
drives is my main sigh.

I used a clear plastic Orico drop-in drive bay, 10 Gbps. I think the
data may only be readable with the same brand or even model of bay; if I
can't read the Orico-written when mounted inside the case, a backup copy
of the bay is needed, or I might reboot to plug the backup drive into an
internal slot for my deep backups. Why should a drive bay need to change
the disk format?

If you are in a well-funded lab with nice hardware and people to manage
it, I'd ask about the Ultrium solution for everyone, since it seems more
lab-scale. If you don't want to think another moment, buy 2 Orico 6139C3
bays or the equivalent and a pair of ~4 TB drives, and do some
cross-compatibility checking on the bays after copying to them and
before packing it all away and forgetting about it for a couple of years.


On 8/2/20 10:44 PM, Jenny 148 wrote:
> Dear all,
> This is a very general query. I am beginner in AMBER but have done a few
> simulations of 500 ns range. The ouput trajectory files are almost 40-50gb.
> I wanted to know how do we backup these files if the free memory we have is
> limited. We need these files for future references. Could someone guide me
> about this?
> Thanks,
> Jenny
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