Re: [AMBER] Installation problem for a parallel version of Amber18/AmberTools19

From: Kosuke Tachibana <>
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2020 20:26:47 +0900

Dear Gustaf,

For confirmation, I checked some files used in the test which showed the
error messages in the log file.
Then, I also concluded that the error messages in the log file are

Thank you for your kind help.


Kosuke Tachibana

On 2020/03/25 15:46, Gustaf Olsson wrote:
> Please kindly find the attached file, which is a part of a log file for the parallel tests using 4 MPI threads.
> Though this problem did not appear as error in the final result, the messages in the attached file seem to show that there are some problems with bond information.
> This possible problem was also found in the tests using 2 or 8 MPI threads.
> Well, this does not seem to be "a problem” with the installation. This seems to be a test to check if CPPTRAJ can spot potential problems and potentially fix them (?). This is why it is followed by “PASSED” as in the test went as expected.
> Best regards
> // Gustaf
> On 24 Mar 2020, at 16:57, Kosuke Tachibana <<>> wrote:
> <2020-03-11_17-48-14_extracted.log>
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