[AMBER] Imaging-rst file error

From: Hira Jabeen <hira_bioinfo.yahoo.com>
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2019 10:34:59 +0000 (UTC)

Hi Amber members,
I am using Amber 18 with AmberTools 19. I am trying to create an image file of trajectory. The commands are as follow:
parm file_name.prmtop
trajin file_name.rst
center :1-264 mass origin
image familiar com :1-264
outtraj file_name_image.rst ncrestart
While using "autoimage" instead of "centre and image". I get the same error with 'rst' file as:
CPPTRAJ: Trajectory Analysis. V4.14.0 (AmberTools V19.00)
    ___  ___  ___  ___
     | \/ | \/ | \/ |
    _|_/\_|_/\_|_/\_|_| Date/time: 08/07/19 11:15:44
| Available memory: 60.273 GBINPUT: Reading input from 'image.in'
  [parm 1m40_mem.prmtop]
        Reading '1m40_mem.prmtop' as Amber Topology
        Radius Set: modified Bondi radii (mbondi)
  [trajin 1m40_mem.rst]
        Reading '1m40_mem.rst' as Amber NC Restart
Error: Number of atoms in NetCDF file (26659) does not match number
Error:  in associated topology (26643)!
Error: Could not set up '1m40_mem.rst' for reading.
Error: Could not set up input trajectory '1m40_mem.rst'.
        1 errors encountered reading input.
TIME: Total execution time: 0.1785 seconds.
Error: Error(s) occurred during execution.
Kindly suggest. 
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