Re: [AMBER] error with loading HEM parameters for constph redox calcuations

From: Vaibhav Dixit <>
Date: Fri, 31 May 2019 20:05:26 +0100

Dear Prof. Case and All,
thanks for the reminder and your response.
I move HEM to the end and used pdb4amber to get better PDB file.
Using this and frcmod shared by Sason Shaik's group, pmrtop/inpcrd are
generated, but tleap warns about residues not being connected to the main
I think cysteine not being connected to the protein backbone is not correct.
So these prmtop/inpcrd fiels don't represent the protein correctly.
Did I understand the following tleap message (in *bold*) correctly?
I would be grateful if HEM parameter experts/authors on the list can
comment and make suggestions on this issue.
Thank you all.

Marking per-residue atom chain types.

* (Residues lacking connect0/connect1 - these don't have chain types

     res total affected

       * **** * 1
        CASP 1
        CYP 1
        NGLY 1
        NILE 1
        WAT 13994
 (no restraints)

On Fri, May 31, 2019 at 6:30 PM David A Case <> wrote:

> On Fri, May 31, 2019, Vaibhav Dixit wrote:
> >Dear Prof. Case,
> Please send amber-related questions to the mail reflector,
> and not to me personally. That way, many people can see your question and
> try
> to help, and the answers can help others with similar questions. See
> for information on how to
> subscribe.
> In particular, Tom Cheatham and others follow the mailing list, and can
> probably help.
> >In another attempt, I used CYX and didn't connect S-Fe.
> You may have to use the "bond" command in tleap to add missing bonds.
> >> 1) I removed the atoms causing the error from the PDB, and created bonds
> >> connecting residues 417-418-419 (since 418 is CYP non-standard
> cysteine),
> >> prmtop, inpcrd fails to generate.
> >> Error: Could not find bond parameter for: C - N3
> >> Checking for angle parameters.
> >> Error: Could not find angle parameter: O - C - N3
> >> Error: Could not find angle parameter: C - N3 - H
> >> Error: Could not find angle parameter: C - N3 - H
> >> Error: Could not find angle parameter: C - N3 - H
> >> Error: Could not find angle parameter: C - N3 - CX
> >> Error: Could not find angle parameter: CT - C - N3
> I don't know why these are there an N3 atom type in CYP?
> Are you sure there is no frcmod file you are failing to load?
> In options 2, I wouldn't worry about the ****, but be sure to use parmed
> to check that you indeed have a bond between the CYP and Fe (as well as
> other bonds that you need.
> ...dac

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