[AMBER] Does NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti support Amber16 with cuda-8?

From: M RCC <mkr3j2c1.gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2019 13:50:29 +0530

Dear Amber Community,
We have installed Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti in our Server. Our plan is to install
amber 16 and amber 18 version.
For this we installed cuda v10 as dependency of Amber18
and cuda 8.0 for Amber16.

While running jobs Amber 18 running without any error. !
but incase of Amber 16, it got terminated an error with
"cudaMemcpyToSymbol: SetSim copy to cSim failed invalid device symbol".

What would be the possible solution for this?

consider as proper/specific environments were called before running each

Do I made mistakes while installation? or RTX280 Ti doesnt support cuda 8
or amber 16?

Thank You.
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