Re: [AMBER] error

From: David Case <>
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2018 20:06:45 +0000

On Sun, Nov 25, 2018, jacky zhao wrote:

>Hi everyone,
> I am using Amber18 for simulation. Recently, we have reinstalled the
> Amber18.

The simplest explanation for you error is that you have failed to source
the $AMBERHOME/ script, so that your PYTHONPATH is not correctly

If that doesn't help, try this:

What options did you choose upon this installation? It looks you are
using the "system" python (in /usr/lib/python2.7/); is that correct?

If so, can you try a reinstallation allowing the configure script to
download miniconda? Don't forget to source the script once the
configuration is done. After rebuilding, /home/mydata/opt/amber18/bin/parmed
should be looking in /home/mydata/opt/amber18/miniconda (and not in
/usr/lib) to find its components.


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