[AMBER] Amber15 Cpinutil.py Bug

From: Chase Zagorec-Marks <chasezgrcmrks.gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2017 14:19:09 -0700


I was trying to run the following command:

cpinutil.py -p 11-mer-pH-exp.parm7 -resnames HIP GL4 AS4 -igb 2 -o 11-mer-pH-exp.cpin -op 11-mer-pH-exp-new.parm7

and I received the following error line:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/uufs/chpc.utah.edu/sys/installdir/amber/amber15/bin/cpinutil.py", line 289, in <module>
  File "/uufs/chpc.utah.edu/sys/installdir/amber/amber15/bin/cpinutil.py", line 256, in main
    changeradii(parm, 'mbondi2').execute()
NameError: global name 'changeradii' is not defined

When I contacted the Service Desk of the supercomputer I was trying to complete this task with, they noticed that the “r” in chageradii should be capitalized so that the function was named changeRadii(parm, ’mbondi2’).execute(). After changing the “r” to “R” the command ran to completion.

Chase Zagorec-Marks
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