Re: [AMBER] Multiple ligands in MMGBSA

From: Elvis Martis <>
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2017 03:13:13 +0000

See this tutorial its on Free energy workflow. It might be helpful


Amber Tutorial A24 - FEW<>
Figure 1: Schematic depiction of setup of MD simulations with FEW. Input information used in this tutorial is highlighted in blue, input data that may be required for ...

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From: Abhilash J <>
Sent: 31 January 2017 21:50:05
To: AMBER Mailing List
Subject: [AMBER] Multiple ligands in MMGBSA

Hi everyone!

  I want to run MM GBSA on a trajectory. My complex has 7 ligands. All
ligands are identical but at different positions. They have different
residue numbers. How can i calculate the MMGBSA energy for a specific
ligand residue.
  Is it possible to calculate MMGBSA energy for all ligands in a single run


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