Re: [AMBER] Typo or My Confusion

From: Jason Swails <>
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2015 11:20:49 -0500

On Wed, Nov 18, 2015 at 10:25 AM, Robert Molt <> wrote:

> I am confused. The manual states, on p. 310, that ntb=1 is constant
> volume. On p.307, the ntp command, when it has a value other than ntp=0,
> makes constant pressure. In the performance listing, on
> for explicit solvent PME, it says it uses
> NTB=1, NTP=1. This would lead me to believe constant pressure, constant
> volume (and ntt=3 makes constant temperature).

​It's a typo. pVT is clearly not a real ensemble.

Ross -- ​look around for what
Robert is talking about. It's not immediately clear to me whether you
meant NpT or NVT.

That said, treat these as basic ball-park estimates and you'll be fine.
NVT can squeeze a few more atoms into memory, but unless you're operating
near that limit (i.e., with millions of atoms), you don't have to worry
about this distinction.


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