[AMBER] chamber : psf to amber parmtop

From: Himanshu Joshi <himanshuphy87.gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2015 18:03:47 +0530

Dear friends,

I want to convert charmm psf file ( containing lipid in water) to amber
topology file in order to perform some analysis using cpptraj for NAMD dcd

I tried the following

chamber -nocmap -psf test.psf -crd test.restart -p main.prmtop -inpcrd
main.inpcrd -box 89.293785 92.541573 74.754044.

where test.psf and test.restart are the psf and restart file for the

But it gave me the following error

*input conversion error, unit 20, file test.psf*

Can anybody help me in this regard.


*With Regards,HIMANSHU JOSHI Graduate Scholar, Center for Condense Matter
TheoryDepartment of Physics IISc.,Bangalore India 560012*
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