[AMBER] GTX 780SC error "cudaMempcpy GpuBuffer :: Download failed unspecified launch failure"

From: Dieter Buyst <dieter.buyst.ugent.be>
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2014 10:51:19 +0200

Dear All,

Quite recently we upgraded our MD computer (ubuntu 12.04 LTS, CUDA 5.0 and driver 340.24) with two EVGA GTX780 SC GPUs since the 780 Ti models were not recommended due to the stability issues. After the installation I performed the usual tests for running calculations on a single and both GPUs at the same time. I did notice in both scenarios there were about 30 possible failures, but on inspection of the .diff files they were just small errors in the last decimal place. Likewise, the benchmark suite produced results which were in line with what can be expected for our configuration.

While experimenting with the Scaled_MD feature now available in Amber14, both me and a colleague sometimes run into the error "cudaMempcpy GpuBuffer :: Donwload failed unspecified launch failure". This doesn't happen very often but does pop up when we're performing some longer runs. I already checked the mailing archive for similar problems and it is suggested that probably one of the GPUs is faulty and is causing these problems. Now I just wanted to make sure I'm right and rule out whether this error could happen due the nature of the scaled MD feature, given it's brand new and possibly not fully tested yet ?

In addition, I'm wondering if one can still trust the trajectory produced during these errors or it's better to just start from scratch with a new GPU ?

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