Re: [AMBER] update error

From: Raman Parkesh <>
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2013 15:14:58 +0530

Further to the update error, I manually downloaded the bugfixes and place
them in the folder /home/samvit/bugfixes/12.0 and then manually updated
them with the command
./update_amber --apply /home/samvit/bugfixes/12.0/bugfix xx

It fixed upto bugfix 17 but I am not able to fix the bugfix 18.

Preparing to apply a third-party update/patch... please wait.
Applying bugfix.18.bz2
PatchingError: .patches/ThirdParty12_Unapplied_Patches/bugfix.18 failed to
apply. No changes made from this patch

I am missing some important point here. Does anyone have any

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