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Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2013 08:39:18 -0600 (GMT-06:00) requires three (usually four I think) prmtop files. The best way to prepare those is in LEaP. If I recall, the manual, and MMPB(GB)SA tutorial describe the usage quite nicely. If I recall correctly, an the MDCRD does not (and indeed should not?) need to be stripped of waters.

By all means, someone else tell me if I am wrong.

Hope this helps a little bit.

-Hunter Brown

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>Hello AMBER Gurus,
>I apologize for asking a very naive question. I have carried out AMBER MD
>studies on a series of protein-ligand complexes and would like to carry out
>MMGB-SA and MMPB-SA calculations on the trajectories. my system includes a
>box of waters in addition to the protein-ligand complex as well as the
>counterions. I wanted to know if the script can be run on the
>trajectories as they are or do I need to take out the waters and the
>counterions. If latter, what is the best way to do so (perhaps cpptraj)?
>thanks for your help in advance,
>Shashi Rao
>Shashidhar N. Rao
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