Re: [AMBER] GTX780s

From: Marek Maly <>
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2013 00:18:16 +0200

Yes of course,

it was just my reaction on some recent Titan overheating hypothesis
in connection with Ross hypothesis about his "super-cooled" working GTX
780s versus
some GTX 780 from Amber users which do not work properly in spite the
fact that they are of the same type ZOTAC ...

Anyway my opinion is also that Titan/cuFFT issue is rather a bit more
that simply memory/(some other GPU parts) overheating problem.

BTW, the latest Scott's info about some preliminary optimistic cuFFT
results with Titans
with downclocked memory and also with heatsink seem promising although no
Amber tests
were probably done with such modified GPUs yet.

So OK let's wait,



Dne Fri, 12 Jul 2013 22:50:55 +0200 <> napsal/-a:

>> Hi Ross,
>> would be interesting if you can do the same test
>> with Titan GPU using the same super-cooled machines
>> as you are using for testing of GTX 780 but perhaps, you
>> or Scott already tested Titans in such machines or it was some
>> normal consumer cases ?
> I think Ross and Scott have been extremely clear on this in the
> incredible
> volume of e-mail that has come through this list on this topic. There
> clearly is a cuFFT problem and also Titan's hardware is also suspect. I
> would guess the skepticism of Scott and Ross will be apparent regardless
> of whether or not you immerse the cards in liquid N2...
> 99.5% likely a Titan hardware issue:
> Continuing to push the AMBER developers will not make things move faster,
> and perhaps could make them move even slower. Patience please as we wait
> on nVidia to see if a cuFFT fix can emerge and better probe these issues.
> When Ross and Scott know, I am sure they will inform the list...
> --tec3
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