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From: Cannon, John F. <>
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2012 14:42:27 +0000

Dear John,
Input to ptraj or cpptraj:

trajin ../data/pp1.eq6.mdcrd.gz
distance Ends :1.N :245.C out EndDistance.dat

This makes a file "EndDisatnce.dat" with what you want. Cpptraj is better because it can put several distance measurements in one file and label the header. Here my header is "Ends".

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I hope that someone can help me. I need to plot the end-to-end distances vs. MD time for some short protein chains. I assume that the "distance" action command in either ptraj or cpptraj would form the basis of what I want to do. How can I compute the distances at my trajectory time points so that I can plot the data?



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