Re: [AMBER] Amber CUDA calcualtion on GeForce GTX 590 ?

From: Ross Walker <>
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2011 12:21:54 -0700

Hi Marek,

> Just the additional question. How it is with memory of that
> dual card. I mean if I use the GTX 590 just for one single job
> (so if I understood well just one half of this card will be used = 512
> cores)
> will be for this job available also just half of the total memory (0.5
> x
> 3GB = 1.5GB)
> or the memory is shared with both separate parts and that job will have
> in
> disposal full 3GB ?

No unfortunately. My understanding, although I have not actually tried one
of these cards is that they really are just two completely self-contained
GPUs mounted side by side. There is no sharing of memory other than through
the attached PCI-E connection which they share. As such if the card's total
memory is 3GB then each GPU gets 1.5GB of memory available to it. There is
no possibility for the other GPU to use the other GPUs memory. Hence really
consider this to be two 1.5GB underclocked GTX580 cards sitting in PCI-E x8

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