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From: Gould, Ian R <>
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 17:10:31 +0000

Hi Peker,

I tend to concur with Ross here. I have been running 3 x GTX 580's flat out for quite a while now, in an enormous case with lots of fans. We are running 50ns production runs on reasonable 20k to 80k systems without a problem. We regularly see the cards running at 80 - 82C and we also see the same temperature behaviour with our C2050's.


On 25/01/2011 16:36, "Ross Walker" <> wrote:

Hi Peker,

> I should say that we specifically bought this card for being not
> overclocked. Also we definitely didn't overclock it. In fact we were
> very careful about this issue. Actually that is why we just ordered a
> new cooling system for it. I really don't have much idea about the

This is good to hear.

> architecture of those cards. I also don't know while Filip's card can
> only go up to 80 C and ours can go easily 90 C. There is only one idea
> in my mind related with this. It is simply like that. We have 2
> nehalem cpu packs (total 16 logical cores) in the same box that we
> have GPU in. If those CPU s can increase the ambient temperature they
> are able to quickly increase the GPU temperature too. One quick
> observation which supports this idea is when the GPU is idle, i read
> 45 C as its temperature. That is all i can figured out. As i already
> told it is definitely not overclocked.

Chances are it is a difference in ambient temperature. Even the temperature
of the room will make a difference. I would suggest making sure you have
good airflow within the case. Then check your bios and make sure all the CPU
and case fans are set to high (performance rather than acoustic or silent).
With top end CPUs, especially if they are the higher wattage versions you
are going to get much more heat in the case. I would also make sure the air
can vent from the case properly. E.g. the airflow should run front to back.
If you have two big inlet fans you should have two outlet fans (or similar
sized vents) to balance the whole system. You might want to consider
removing some of the slots covering where PCI cards would go to allow hot
air to vent better.

Good luck,


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