Re: [AMBER] Amber10 installation problem on MPICH1

From: Ye MEI <>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 12:24:19 +0800

you should compile and install mpich or openmpi first.



From£º Shaandar Nyamtulga
Date£º 2010-11-16 12:05:08
Subject£º [AMBER] Amber10 installation problem on MPICH1
I am struggling to install Amber10 on MPICH 1.2.7.p1 based cluster. I built the cluster on two computers and example programs are working fine.
When I do
sudo ./configure_amber -mpich gfortran
it gives the following error
ERROR: MPI_HOME is not set
  set the MPI_HOME environment variable to the
  location of the include/ and lib/ subdirectories
  containing mpif.h and libmpi.a or libmpich.a for your MPICH distribution.
  For example, with csh/tcsh:
      setenv MPI_HOME /usr/local/src/mpich/build/LINUX/ch_pentium4
  or with sh/bash:
      export MPI_HOME=/usr/local/src/mpich/build/LINUX/ch_pentium4
Actually I already set MPI_HOME(Though only libmpich.a is there, mpif.h is missing)
 export MPI_HOME=/home/mpiuser/mpich1/lib
I would really appreciate if someone could direct me to right track?
Nyamtulga Shaandar
Bioinformatics department,
Informatics Institute,
Mongolian Science Academy
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