Re: [AMBER] parallel compiling failure of Amber 11

From: Ross Walker <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2010 09:25:51 -0700

Hi Yubo,

> When I ran 'make parallel' at $AMBERHOME/src, the error message
> appears as:
> Error: config.h is not of type parallel!
> Rerun ./configure and specify an MPI implementation.
> make: *** [configured_parallel] Error 2

This means you did not successfully run the configure script for parallel.
> The making of AmberTools and 'make serial' passed already. I ran
> './configure -openmp intel' to create a config.h file at
> $AMBERHOME/src and change ifort into mpif90. Also, MPI and MKL were
> set as:

The compiler should already be set to mpif90 when you run the above
configure command. Hence I suspect that the configure command issued an
error which you then ignored and thus resulted in you editing the serial
version of the config.h file that was still left behind.

I suggest going back and rerunning the configure command for the parallel
build and take a careful look at the output it produces.

All the best

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