[AMBER] slightly off topic: suggestions for DNA single strand simulations

From: Amedeo Capobianco <myamberml.gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2010 23:11:02 +0200

Dear all

I'm new to MD and AMBER, I'm in the 'learning phase'. I need to simulate
single stranded and double stranded DNA hexamers to obtain structural
information eventually to merge with NMR data, and, since I miss experience,
it is obviously of crucial importance to me reading specific literature.

While I have found plenty of biblio for DS DNA, apart from a review by
Nilsson 2001 on tetramers, I have not been able to find references
furnishing details and issues for simulations (with or without NMR data)
of SS DNA sequences.

Could someone suggest papers concerning single stranded DNA simulations,
preferably using AMBER as software?

Thank you all.

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