From: FyD <>
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 23:05:46 +0100

Quoting "M. L. Dodson" <>:

> Just as life is neither black nor white, but only grey,
> not all people doing molecular dynamics fit into a university faculty
> description (some of us are retired) or work in a big Pharma
> operation.

Retired people, people at home or computer centers contacted us to get
the R.E.D. tools at "no cost". As a response, we have always provided
such license to these users. Do you belong to those "special" users &
need to use the R.E.D. tools at no cost ? Just contact us . & explain your needs. We will happy
to help if we can.

This is not specified on our web site, we are going to write this down.

regards, Francois

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