From: Robert Duke <>
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 10:26:12 -0500

Hi Atro -
I have actually never indicated support for Sun SPARC in pmemd; this is not
a matter of disliking Sun at all; it is a matter of 1) not having access,
and 2) not having indications that this is a scorching chip I should be
paying attention to. I am still a bit agog on the namelength thing. In
general, I would probably prefer to not have to live with such an onerous
restriction, but I understand it is annoying for you. So if it is just this
one name, you can of course easily hack up the code to get it to compile. I
would consider issuiing a patch, but suspect the problem will recur as
development continues. Anyway, if you give me the complete list of
troublesome names, I'll at least change those names in the source going
forward, and if I hear more complaints, consider issuing a patch. I think
the deal with the MIPS architecture is that it is just so slow as to be
pretty much useless now - basically not worth the power it takes to run
them. I would think some Origin's might still be running out there, though,
as it was a pretty nice smp. Are we dealing with a couple of workstations
at U of Helsinki, or do you all still have some serious MIPS iron you are
running? Anyone else out there still heavily using a big MIPS SMP?
Best Regards - Bob Duke

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>> Okay, this is curious, as the long identifier names have been there for a
>> very long time, and have not caused anything other than a warning. So
>> are
>> we perhaps changing the compiler settings,
> None of the flags look out of place to me (or would seem to affect
> what kind of identifiers you can use).
>> or is this just a compiler I have not seen?
> It's the most recent release, 7.4.4, which is not very recent.
>> As of last release, I stopped checking out sgi mips because I had
>> between limited and no access to relevant machines (I still have one sgi
>> mips 02, pretty old now, unbelievably slow, with old compilers on it).
> Of course they are pretty old and mostly unbelievably slow.
> The configuration files of AMBER 10, including PMEMD, still suggest it
> should be possible to compile the programs on SGI MIPS and Sun SPARC
> machines. Hence I am giving it a go on both, since I have access to
> both (and to the most recent compilers for each) and reporting any
> problems I come across here. If you would prefer that I didn't,
> maybe issue a patch that eliminates these configuration options and
> make a statement to the effect of THESE ARE NO LONGER SUPPORTED on
> the mailing list? :-)
>> Anyway, I would expect there is a switch that can be added to this
>> compiler
>> that will allow more than 31 chars - geez that is a really old standard.
> I've just been through all 1548 lines of the f90 manpage on IRIX.
> There isn't one that I can see.
>> Regarding identifier name lengths, well, I more often encounter folks
>> complaining because something is too cryptic. I tend to make the name
>> something that will at least have meaning to me, on the theory that that
>> is
>> a practical middle ground between grumpy compilers and grumpy people ;-)
> I agree with the point itself, but unfortunately the SGI MIPSpro
> compiler disagrees with us both.
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