Re: AMBER: Help compiling Nab programs for AMBER tools

From: M. L. Dodson <>
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 14:50:51 -0500

Ragnarok sdf wrote:
> Hello.
> I´ve done everything the manual told me to. I´ve compiled amber tools
> succesfully, but I don´t quite get what it meant when it said "now you
> should be able to compile the nab programs....".
> Is there a more detailed descriptions of what i should do in order to
> get amber tools to work? Thing now just don´t seem to work, but the
> make -f Makefile_at test said that everyting was working correctly.
> I would really appreciate any help concerning amber tools´ installation.
> Thank you in advance
> Fabrício Bracht

If it passes the tests, it IS installed.

Nab is a compiler for a computer programming language. The language
itself is designed to allow programs to be written to do useful things
for molecular modeling and related activities. The nab language is
described in the AmberTools documentation.

Nab itself won't solve any problem for you, you need to write a
program to do what you want. (But antechamber, ptraj, etc in
AmberTools will directly solve the problems they were designed for.)

Bud Dodson

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