RE: AMBER: installation of amber9 on suse linux 10.3

From: Ross Walker <>
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2007 22:18:51 -0800

I have given the following commands and the result are:
ahmad.uop:~/amber9> #tar xvzf amber9.tgz
ahmad.uop:~/amber9> #cd amber9
ahmad.uop:~/amber9> #make
ahmad.uop:~/amber9> #make install
ahmad.uop:~/amber9> export AMBERHOME="/usr/local/amber9_mpich"
ahmad.uop:~/amber9> export MPICH_HOME="/usr/local/mpich-"
ahmad.uop:~/amber9> cd $AMBERHOME/src
bash: cd: /usr/local/amber9_mpich/src: No such file or directory
Why on earth would you carry on after seeing this error? It should be pretty
clear to you from here that the directory amber9_mpich/src does not exist
under /usr/local.
The directory is amber9 and AMBERHOME should point to /usr/local/amber9 not
 ahmad.uop:~/amber9> ./configure ifort
bash: ./configure: No such file or directory
This is because you are not in $AMBERHOME/src since your AMBERHOME variable
points to a non existant directory.
ahmad.uop:~/amber9> make serial
bash: make: command not found
This is worrying since it implies that in addition to the problems above you
do not have make installed on your machine. You need to go and install the
development libraries for Linux. In particular the compilers (gcc etc) +
compiler tools such as make. In addition you'll need the bycc parser, cpp
preprocessor (should be part of the compiler suite I assume). and the
X11/xorg development libraries.
Once you have done this you can then set AMBERHOME to point to
/usr/local/amber9 and repeat the above to build it.
Note if you don't understand how to install the development libraries etc it
is probably best if you locate someone local who has experience setting up
Linux systems.
Good luck,
|\oss Walker

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